International journal of pavement research and technology
Journal on-line (2009) Volume 2, Issue 1
  Editor's Corner
  A Reliable Design of Asphalt Pavement from Structural Considerations
  Animesh Das
  Pages: IV  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  Technical Papers
  Estimating Indirect Tensile Strength of Mixtures Containing Anti-Stripping Agents Using an Artificial Neural Network Approach
  Tejash Gandhi, Feipeng Xiao, and Serji N. Amirkhanian
  Pages: 1-12  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1228

  Quantification of Specific Surface Area of Aggregates Using an Imaging Technique
  Lin-Bing Wang and James S. Lai
  Pages: 13-19  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Artificial Neural Networks and Regression Analysis for Predicting Faulting in Jointed Concrete Pavements Considering Base Condition
  Behrooz Saghafi, Abolfazl Hassani, Roohollah Noori, and Marcelo G. Bustos
  Pages: 20-25  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  Evaluation of Fatigue (Alligator) Cracking in the LTPP SPS-6 Experiment
  A. M. Rahim, G. Fiegel, and K. Ghuzlan
  Pages: 26-32  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Technical Note
  Measurement of Zero-Shear Viscosity in Asphalt
  Xiaoning Zhang, Guilian Zou, and Jian Xu
  Pages: 33-36  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1227

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