International journal of pavement research and technology
Journal on-line (2010) Volume 3, Issue 3
  Editor's Corner
  Pavement Management Systems and TRB Committee AFD10
  Charles D. Larson
  Pages: IV  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4210

  Technical Papers
  Development of a New Design Methodology for Structural Airfield Mats
  Carlos R. Gonzalez and Timothy W. Rushing
  Pages: 102-109  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4218

  Porous Asphalt Ravelling in Cold Weather Conditions
  Marinus Huurman, Lian Tong Mo, and Milliyon Fekade Woldekidan
  Pages: 110-118  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4209

  Assessment of the Performance of Warm Mix Asphalts in Road Pavements
  Hugo M.R.D. Silva, Joel R.M. Oliveira, Claudia I.G. Ferreira, and Paulo A.A. Pereira
  Pages: 119-127  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4221

  Fracture Characterization of Gap-Graded Asphalt Mixtures and Thin Bonded Wearing Courses
  Sarfraz Ahmed, Eshan V. Dave, Behzad Behnia, William G. Buttlar, and Marvin Exline
  Pages: 128-134  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4207

  A Finite Element Model for Tire/Pavement Interaction:Application to Predicting Pavement Damage
  Kaiming Xia
  Pages: 135-141  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4210

  Environmental Life Cycle Cost for Durable Porous Surface Layers with Synthetic Binders
  Ewout Kluck, Martin van de Ven, John Baggen, Bert van Wee, and Rob Hofman
  Pages: 142-148  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4210

  Establishing a Framework for Analyzing Asphalt Pavement Sustainability
  Timothy D. Miller and Hussain U. Bahia
  Pages: 149-155  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4211

  Technical Note
  Modification of Full Asphalt Content Asphalt Concrete Design Method
  Zhe-Sheng Ge and Xiao-Ning Zhang
  Pages: 156-159  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4216

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