International journal of pavement research and technology
Journal on-line (2011) Volume 4, Issue 1
  Editor's Corner
  International Association of Chinese Infrastructure Professionals (IACIP)
  Zhongjie “Doc” Zhang
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  Technical Papers
  Evaluation of Reclaimed Polyethylene Modified Asphalt Concrete Mixtures
  V.S. Punith, A. Veeraragavan, and Serji N. Amirkhanian
  Pages: 1-10  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Enhanced Pavement Preservation Using A Lane-based, Image-Tracking, GIS-enabled, and Life-cycle Activity Integrated Chuning PMS
  Yichang (James) Tsai, Yiching Wu, and Dajin Guo
  Pages: 11-20  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Evaluation of the CalME Permanent Deformation Model for Asphalt Concrete Layers
  Erik Oscarsson and Lorina Popescu
  Pages: 21-33  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Probabilistic Model for Long-term Deformation of Subgrade Soil in Upgrading-speed Railway Lines
  Zhe Luo, Chih-Sheng Ku, and Lei Bu
  Pages: 34-40  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Acoustic Absorption of Conventional Pavements
  M. Alauddin Ahammed and Susan L. Tighe
  Pages: 41-47  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1230

  The Impact of Cement Contents on the Properties of Asphalt Emulsion Stabilized Cold Recycling Mixtures
  Jian Xu, Songchang Huang, Yongchun Qin, and Feng Li
  Pages: 48-55  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Mechanical Behavior of Unbound Granular Road Base Materials under Repeated Cyclic Loads
  Komsun Siripun, Hamid Nikraz, and Peerapong Jitsangiam
  Pages: 56-66  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Technical Note
  Rumble Strip Design Parameter Determination Based on Dynamic Jerking
  Chiu Liu and Zhongren Wang
  Pages: 67-70  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

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