International journal of pavement research and technology
Journal on-line (2013) Volume 6, Issue 4
  Editor's Corner
  The 8th International Conference on Road and Airfield Pavement Technology (8th ICPT)
  Deng-Fong Lin and Huan-Lin Luo
  Pages: IV  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Technical Papers
  Effects of Hinged Dowel System on the Performance of Concrete Pavement Joints
  Alireza Zeinali, Kamyar C. Mahboub, and Herbert F. Southgate
  Pages: 243-249  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Modeling on Shrinkage Stress in Early-Age Concrete Pavements
  Zhang Jun, Gao Yuan, Han Yudong, and Wang Qiang
  Pages: 250-260  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Numerical Computation of Coupled Adhesive and Cohesive Damages in Asphalt Concrete
  Mohammad Hossain and Rafiqul Tarefder
  Pages: 261-268  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Are Fatigue and Rutting Distress Modes Related?
  Ripunjoy Gogoi, Animesh Das, and Partha Chakroborty
  Pages: 269-273  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Measuring Thermal Effect in the Structural Response of Flexible Pavement Based on Field Instrumentation
  Md Rashadul Islam and Rafiqul A. Tarefder
  Pages: 274-279  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  Prediction of Subgrade CBR using FWD for Thin Bituminous Pavements
  Gary W. Chai, Shanty Argadiba, Greg Stephenson, Inga Condric, Erwin Y. Oh, and Sittam P. Manoharan
  Pages: 280-286  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Evaluating Wet Weather Driving Benefits Of Grooved Pavements
  Fenghua Ju, Tien Fang Fwa, and Ghim Ping Ong
  Pages: 287-293  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  Fatigue Performance of Asphalt Concretes made with Steel Slags and Modified Bituminous Binders
  Pasetto Marco and Baldo Nicola
  Pages: 294-303  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  Longitudinal Local Calibration of MEPDG Permanent Deformation Models for Reconstructed Flexible Pavements Using PMS Data
  Afzal Waseem and Xian-Xun Yuan
  Pages: 304-312  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4451

  Accurate Determination of Equivalent Modulus of Nonlinear Anisotropic Granular Base Layer
  Hao Wang
  Pages: 313-318  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Using M-E PDG to Study the Effectiveness of Electronic Waste Materials Modification on Asphalt Pavements Design Thickness
  Baron W. Colbert, Aboelkasim Diab, and Zhanping You
  Pages: 319-326  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  Development of an Experimental Method for Asphalt Concrete Overlay Reflective Cracking Evaluation
  Guilian Zou, Chung Wu, and Jian Xu
  Pages: 327-335  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  Comparison of Isotropic and Cross-anisotropic Analysis of Pavement Structures
  Wynand JvdM Steyn, James Maina, and Anton Repsold
  Pages: 336-343  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4454

  Investigations Skid Resistance of Manhole Covers in Taiwan
  Chia-Pei Chou ,and Ning Lee
  Pages: 344-350  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  Pattern Design of Manhole Cover and Its Influence on Skid Resistance
  Chia-Pei Chou, Chung-Kai Huang, Aichin Chen, and Cheng Yu Tsai
  Pages: 351-357  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  Significance of Subgrade Damping on Vehicle-Pavement Interactions
  Chen-Ming Kuo, Chih-Chiang Lin, Cheng-Hao Huang, Ting-Yi Tsai, and Yi-Cheng Lai
  Pages: 358-363  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4451

  Laboratory and In-Plant Validation of Hot Mix Recycling Using a Rejuvenator
  Andrea Grilli, Maurizio Bocci, Fabrizio Cardone, Carla Conti, and Elisabetta Giorgini
  Pages: 364-371  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4454

  Experiment on Road Performance of Asphalt Mixture with Automatic Long-term Snowmelt Agent
  Zhijun Wang, Fupu Li, Rong Ma, and Erhu Yan
  Pages: 372-378  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  Characterizing Horizontal Response Pulse at the Bottom of Asphalt Layer Based on Viscoelastic Analysis
  Mansour Fakhri, Ali Reza Ghanizadeh, and Maryam Dolatalizadeh
  Pages: 379-385  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  In-situ Temperature Effects in Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag Asphalt Concrete Pavement
  Long Sheng Huang, Gui-lian Zou, Huan-Lin Luo, and Chien-Chiao Chao
  Pages: 386-394  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Accelerated Loading Evaluation of Foamed Asphalt Treated RAP Layers in Pavement Performance
  Zhong Wu, Louay N. Mohammad, and Zhongjie Zhang
  Pages: 395-402  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4451

  Field Construction and Mechanistic Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt Containing Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement
  Pranshoo Solanki, Musharraf Zaman, David Adje, and Zahid Hossain
  Pages: 403-413  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  Urban Heat Island Effect: thermal response from different types of exposed paved surfaces
  Valentina Di Maria, Mujib Rahman, Paul Collins, Giulio Dondi, and Cesare Sangiorgi
  Pages: 414-422  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Assessment of CO2 Emission Reduction in Road Construction Using Recycled Concrete Materials
  Kuang-Yi Wei, Jyh-Dong Lin, and I-Hung Yu
  Pages: 423-430  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4452

  Performance Evaluation of Asphalt Binder Modified by Bio-oil Generated from Waste Wood Resources
  Xu Yang, Zhanping You, and Qingli Dai
  Pages: 431-439  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Development of Environmentally Sustainable Pavement Mix
  Fwa Tien Fang, Yoong Chin Chong, Than Than Nyunt, and See Soo Loi
  Pages: 440-446  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4454

  Development of an Innovative Bio-Binder Using Asphalt-Rubber Technology
  Joana Peralta, Hugo M.R.D. Silva, R. Christopher Williams, Marjorie Rover, and Ana V.A. Machado
  Pages: 447-456  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Incorporation of Waste Plastic in Asphalt Binders to Improve their Performance in the Pavement
  Liliana M.B. Costa, Hugo M.R.D. Silva, Joel R.M. Oliveira, and Sara R.M. Fernandes
  Pages: 457-464  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4452

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