International journal of pavement research and technology
Journal on-line (2013) Volume 6, Issue 1
  Editor's Corner
  Overview on Transportation Infrastructure Research in Portugal
  Hugo M.R.D. Silva
  Pages: IV  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  Technical Papers
  Relationship between Asphalt Compatibility, Flow Properties, and Oxidative Aging
  Adam Troy Pauli and Shin-Che Huang
  Pages: 1-7  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  Mixed Mode Fracture Toughness of Recycled Tire Rubber-Filled Concrete for Airfield Rigid Pavements
  Muhammad Mubaraki, Amr A. Abd-Elhady, and Hossam El-Din M. Sallam
  Pages: 8-14  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Rheological Properties of Bituminous Binders with Synthetic Wax
  Francesco Canestrari1, Andrea Graziani, Valter Pannunzio, and Hussain U. Bahia
  Pages: 15-21  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Developing a Quality Measure for Evaluating the Contractor Performance in Asphalt Pavement Construction
  Ahmed Elyamany, Magdy Abdelrahman, Fu-Chih Cheng, and Curt Doetkott
  Pages: 22-30  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Fatigue Characteristics of Hydrated Lime Modified HMA
  Aboelkasim Diab, Zhanping You, Ayman M. Othman, and Hassan Y. Ahmed
  Pages: 31-36  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4451

  Study on Frictional Properties of Mineral Aggregates through a Comprehensive Experimental Program
  Dongwei Cao, Yu Liu, Qingquan Liu, Julian Mills-Beale, Zhanping You, and Shu Wei Goh
  Pages: 37-44  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  Evaluation of MEPDG Seasonal Adjustment Factors for the Unbound Layers’ Moduli Using Field Moisture and Temperature Data
  Somayeh Nassiri and Alireza Bayat
  Pages: 45-51  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  The Law of Performance in BRA Modified Asphalt
  Qiang Chen, Duang-yi Wang, and Ji-qing Zhang
  Pages: 52-58  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4449

  Modeling the Deduct Value of the Pavement Condition of Asphalt Pavement by Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
  Seyed Abbas Tabatabaei, Sina Khaledi, and Arash Jahantabi
  Pages: 59-65  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

  Technical Note
  Modeling the Pavement Serviceability Index for Urban Roads in Noida
  Yogesh U. Shah, S. S. Jain, Devesh Tiwari, and M. K. Jain
  Pages: 66-72  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4450

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