International journal of pavement research and technology
Journal on-line (2013) Volume 6, Issue 2
  Editor's Corner
  Special Issue on GeoEngineering in Face of Energy and Sustainability Challenges
  Xiong (Bill) Yu
  Pages: IV  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4423

  Technical Papers
  Computer-Aided Design of Thermal Energy Harvesting System across Pavement Structure
  Guangxi Wu, and Xiong (Bill) Yu
  Pages: 73-79  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4427

  Influence of Axial Loads on the Lateral Capacity of Instrumented Steel Model Piles
  Jintae Lee, Monica Prezzi, and Rodrigo Salgado
  Pages: 80-85  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4425

  Advanced Ultrasonic Technology for Freezing Damage Prevention of Concrete Pavement
  Ye Sun, Xiong (Bill) Yu, Zhen Liu, Yan Liu, and Junliang Tao
  Pages: 86-92  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4426

  Advancements in Drilled Shaft Construction, Design, and Quality Assurance: The Value of Research
  Gray Mullins
  Pages: 93-99  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4430

  Fire Behaviour and Heat Release Properties of Asphalt Mixtures
  Alice Bonati, Giovanna Bochicchio, Filippo Merusi, Giovanni Polacco, and Felice Giuliani
  Pages: 100-108  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4426

  Pushing the Asphalt Recycling Technology to the Limit
  Joel R.M. Oliveira, Hugo M.R.D. Silva, Carlos M.G. Jesus, Liliana P.F. Abreu,and Sara R.M. Fernandes
  Pages: 109-116  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4433

  Multi-Phase Characterization of Asphalt Concrete using X-ray Microfluorescence
  Sanjeev Adhikari, Zhanping You, and Karl Peterson
  Pages: 117-122  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4431

  Asphalt Pavement Fatigue Cracking Prediction Model with Mode Factor
  Jiangmiao Yu and Guilian Zou
  Pages: 123-129  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4426

  Application of Factor Analysis in Maintenance Management of Low Volume Road
  V. Sunitha, A. Veeraragavan, Karthik K. Srinivasan, and Samson Mathew
  Pages: 130-135  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4425

  Technical Notes
  Incorporation of Subgrade Modulus Spatial Variability in Performance Prediction of Flexible Pavements
  A. W. Ali, A. R. Abbas, M. Nazzal, and K. Sett
  Pages: 136-140  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4426

  Innovative Chromogenic Materials for Pavement Life Extension: Modeling Study of Surface Temperature of Sustainable Asphalt Pavement
  Jianying Hu, Xiong (Bill) Yu, and Junliang Tao
  Pages: 141-145  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4425

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