International journal of pavement research and technology
Journal on-line (2015) Volume 8, Issue 6
  Editor's Corner
  IJPRT's New Era
  Wei-Hsing Huang, and Shin-Che Huang
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  Technical Papers
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  Maintenance and Rehabilitation Programming of the Portuguese Road Network: Development of a Cracking Prediction Model
  R.J. Silva, L. Quaresma, and R. Micaelo
  Pages: 383-394  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1199

  Hot In-Place Asphalt Recycling for Small Repairs on Airfields in Remote Settings
  William D. Carruth, and Mariely Mejías-Santiago
  Pages: 395-402  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1216

  Analysis of Loading Frequency in Flexible Pavement Using Fast Fourier Transform
  Mohammad Hossein Shafiee, Arian Asefzadeh , Leila Hashemian, and Alireza Bayat
  Pages: 403-409  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1217

  Rheological Performance of Asphalt Binders Under Different Creep and Recovery Periods in MSCR Test
  Aniket V. Kataware, and Dharamveer Singh
  Pages: 410-418  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1210

  Influence of Asphalt-Binder Source on CAM Mix Rutting and Cracking Performance: A Laboratory Case Study
  Xiaodi Hu, and Lubinda F. Walubita
  Pages: 419-425  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1203

  Mix Design and Moisture Susceptibility of Asphalt Concrete Mixes Containing Waste Catalyst from Oil Refineries
  K. Al-Shamsi, M. Baawain, K. Aljabri, R. Taha, and Z. Al-kamyani
  Pages: 426-432  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1204

  Sensitivity Analysis of Flexible Pavement Sections Using Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide
  Pranshoo Solanki, and Banibandana Ray
  Pages: 433-439  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1217

  Technical Note
  Feasibility Study of the Potential Use of Drill Cuttings in Concrete
  Somayeh Asadi, Ehsan Mostavi, and Elumeze Ugochukwu
  Pages: 440-445  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1222

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