International journal of pavement research and technology
Journal on-line (2010) Volume 3, Issue 4
  Editor's Corner
  Transportation Association of Canada Development of A National Pavement Asset Design And Management Guide (PADMG)
  Susan Tighe
  Pages: IV  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4417

  Technical Papers
  Effects of Liquid Anti-Stripping Additives on Rheological Properties of Performance Grade Binders
  Zahid Hossain, Musharraf Zaman, and Kenneth R. Hobson
  Pages: 160-170  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4413

  Recycling Techniques and Environmental Issues Relating to the Widening of an High Traffic Volume Italian Motorway
  M. Bocci, F. Canestrari, A. Grilli, E. Pasquini, and D. Lioi
  Pages: 171-177  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4415

  Air Pollution Control (APC) Residues as a Potential Replacement for Lime in Fly Ash Bound Mixtures (FABM) Containing Quarry Waste Dust
  Behrooz Saghafi, Hassan Al Nageim, and Nizar Ghazireh
  Pages: 178-185  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4412

  A Thermodynamic Framework for Modelling Healing of Asphalt Mixtures
  Venkaiah Chowdary and J. Murali Krishnan
  Pages: 186-198  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4413

  Foamed Bitumen in Half-Warm Asphalt: A Laboratory Study
  Hilde Soenen, Joëlle De Visscher, Frederik Vervaecke, Ann Vanelstraete, and Per Redelius
  Pages: 199-206  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4414

  Benefit Analysis of Permeable Pavement on Sidewalks
  Dan-Chi Wang, Lung-Chang Wang, Kuang-Yen Cheng, and Jyh-Dong Lin
  Pages: 207-215  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4412

  Towards Green Pavements with Novel Class of SBS Polymers for Enhanced Effectiveness in Bitumen and Pavement Performance
  Erik J. Scholten, Willem Vonk, and Jan Korenstra
  Pages: 216-222  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4417

  Technical Note
  Environmentally Friendly Sound Absorbing Noise Barrier Made from Concrete Waste - Further Developments
  Zbigniew Adam Krezel and Kerry McManus
  Pages: 223-227  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4412

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