International journal of pavement research and technology
Journal on-line (2011) Volume 4, Issue 3
  Editor's Corner
  International Conference on Advances in Geotechnical Engineering
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  Technical Papers
  In-situ Assessment of Stiffness During the Construction of HMA Pavements
  Dharamveer Singh, Fares N. Beainy, Anh T. Mai, Sesh Commuri, and Musharraf Zaman
  Pages: 131-139  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  A Curing Model for Epoxy Asphalt Concrete and Its Implementation for Construction
  Xuejuan Cao, Yunbo Lei, Wei Wang, and Boming Tang
  Pages: 140-146  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  Analyses of Structural Capacity of Rigid Airfield Pavement Using Portable Seismic Technology
  Sarah R. Jersey and Haley P. Bell
  Pages: 147-153  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  Adaptation of Superpave Asphalt Concrete Mix Design Procedure to Jordan Climatic and Traffic Conditions
  Ibrahim M. Asi and Yahia Khalayleh
  Pages: 154-161  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  Reliability Calculation Considering Nonlinear Fatigue Damage in Asphalt Pavements
  Pabitra Rajbongshi
  Pages: 162-167  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1227

  Experimental Investigation of Aggregate-Mortar Interface Affecting the Early Fracture Toughness of Portland Cement Concrete
  Tongyan Pan, Linbing Wang, and Erol Tutumluer
  Pages: 168-175  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1227

  Radar Technique Application in Structural Analysis and Identification of Interlayer Bonding
  Jacek Sudyka and Lech Krysiński
  Pages: 176-184  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  Understanding Vibratory Asphalt Compaction by Numerical Simulation
  Kaiming Xia and Tongyan Pan
  Pages: 185-194  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

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