International journal of pavement research and technology
Journal on-line (2012) Volume 5, Issue 2
  Editor's Corner
  Pavement Performance Evaluation
  Ibrahim M. Asi
  Pages: IV  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1228

  Technical Papers
  Durability Assessment of Asphalt Rubber Mixtures
  Emiliano Pasquini, Francesco Canestrari, and Felice A. Santagata
  Pages: 69-74  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Evaluation of Foamed Warm-Mix Asphalt Incorporating Recycled Asphalt Pavement for Volumetric and Mechanical Properties
  Andrew M. Kasozi, Elie Y. Hajj, Peter E. Sebaaly, and John C. Elkins
  Pages: 75-83  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  Nondestructive Characterisation of the Effect of Asphalt Mixture Compaction on Aggregate Orientation and Segregation Using X-ray Computed Tomography
  Norhidayah A. Hassan, Gordon D. Airey, Rawid Khan, and Andrew C. Collop
  Pages: 84-92  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  Laboratory Evaluation of Foamed Warm Mix Asphalt
  Ayman W. Ali1, Ala R. Abbas, Munir Nazzal, and David Powers
  Pages: 93-101  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1228

  Mix Design Method for Permeable Base of Porous Concrete
  Mulian Zheng, Shuanfa Chen, and Binggang Wang
  Pages: 102-107  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1228

  Substrate Restraints of Bonded Concrete Overlays
  Alex Hak-Chul Shin, and David A. Lange
  Pages: 108-114  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Based Pavement Deterioration Models for Low Volume Roads in India
  Dattatraya Tukaram Thube
  Pages: 115-120  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  Assessment of Stress and Strain Instrumentation in Accelerated-Pavement Testing
  Mostafa A. Elseifi, Louay N. Mohammad, William “Bill” King, Jr., and Zhongjie Zhang
  Pages: 121-127  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1228

  Technical Note
  Factors Affecting the Measurement of Effective Specific Gravity for Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement
  Jesse D. Doyle and Isaac L. Howard
  Pages: 128-131  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1227

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