International journal of pavement research and technology
Journal on-line (2008) Volume 1, Issue 3
  Editor's Corner
  Editor's Corner-ISAP International Society for Asphalt Pavements
  Manfred N. Partl
  Pages: IV  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Technical Papers
  Modeling Fatigue Cracking of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures Using Viscoelastic Continuum Damage Theory and Finite Element Analysis
  Sungho Mun, Ghassan R. Chehab, Tanmay Kumar, and Y.Richard Kim
  Pages: 76-84  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  3D Microstructural Models for Asphalt Mixtures Using X-Ray Computed Tomography Images
  Sanjeev Adhikari and Zhanping You
  Pages: 94-99  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  Fuel Resistance of HMAs:Theory and Experiments
  Filippo G.Pratico, Rachele Ammendola, and Antonino Moro
  Pages: 100-106  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Thickness Measurement of Thin Pavement Layers Using Time-Frequency Analysis of Ground Penetrating Radar Data
  Xiang-Tang Li, Duan-Yi Wang, and Xiao-Ning Zhang
  Pages: 107-112  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Feasibility of Using Accelerated Thin Bonded Concrete Overlay for CRCP Spalling Repair
  Juanyu Liu, Dan G. Zollinger and Peng Li
  Pages: 113-120  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Technical Note
  Statistical Models for Determination of the Resilient Modulus of Subgrade Soils
  Pranshoo Solanki, Ali Ebrahimi, and Musharraf M. Zaman
  Pages: 85-93  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

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