International journal of pavement research and technology
Journal on-line (2011) Volume 4, Issue 2
  Editor's Corner
  The First US-China Workshop on Research and Education Collaboration in Transportation Infrastructure
  Yingwu Fang
  Pages: VI  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Technical Papers
  Use of Chat-asphalt as a Paving Material: Field Performance Assessment
  Nazimuddin M. Wasiuddin, Musharraf M. Zaman, and Rafiqul A. Tarefder
  Pages: 71-79  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1228

  Fatigue Life Evaluation of Flexible Pavement
  Safwat F. Said, Hassan Hakim, Håkan Carlsson, and Leif G. Wiman
  Pages: 80-88  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Measurement and Analysis of Early-age Strain and Stress in Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement
  Hong-liang Zhang and Yan-hui Wang
  Pages: 89-96  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Slag Use in Highway Construction – the Philosophy and Technology of its Utilization
  George Wang and Russell Thompson
  Pages: 97-103  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  Experimental Study on Properties of Pervious Concrete Made with Recycled Aggregate
  An Cheng, Hui-Mi Hsu, Sao-Jeng Chao, and Kae-Long Lin
  Pages: 104-110  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1229

  Implications of Using Calibrated and Validated Performance Transfer Functions in the Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Procedure
  Mofreh F. Saleh
  Pages: 111-117  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

  Compatibility and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Resin Modified Asphalt Binders
  Peiliang Cong, Shanfa Chen, Jianying Yu, and Huaxin Chen
  Pages: 118-123  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1226

  Technical Note
  The Treatment of a Loose Submerged Subgrade Using Dynamic Compaction
  Babak Hamidi, Hamid Nikraz, and Serge Varaksin
  Pages: 124-130  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:1225

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