International journal of pavement research and technology
Journal on-line (2013) Volume 6, Issue 6
  Editor's Corner
  Summary Report: IJPRT 2012
  Wei-Hsing Huang and Chung Wu
  Pages: IV  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4244

  Technical Papers
  Fundamental Study on Pavement Wheel Interaction Forces through Discrete Element Simulation
  Yu Liu, and Zhanping You
  Pages: 689-695  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4247

  Evaluation of Prediction Models of Fatigue for Asphalt Mixes
  Ahmad Abu Abdo and S. J. Jung
  Pages: 696-703  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4244

  Recommended Combination of the Bailey Parameters in Superpave Gradation Design for Japanese Airfield Pavements
  Goh Teck Shang, Osamu Takahashi, and Ryota Maekawa
  Pages: 704-713  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4243

  Development of Roughness Prediction Models Using Alberta Transportation’s Pavement Management System
  Somayeh Nassiri, Mohammad Hossein Shafiee, and Alireza Bayat
  Pages: 714-720  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4241

  Virgin and Aged Binder Interaction Measured on Mixture Bars via Repeated Creep in the Dynamic Shear Rheometer
  Jesse D. Doyle, Isaac L. Howard, and Alejandro Alvarado
  Pages: 721-729  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4244

  Health Monitoring of Concrete Bridges and Vehicle Loads Correlation Analysis Based on Acoustic Emission
  Chunsheng Wang, Musai Zhai, Bingning Fu, Wenyou Wang, Delian Kong, Fengjing Xu, and Weiping Dong
  Pages: 730-736  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4240

  A Comprehensive Overview on Main Distress Mechanisms in Composite Pavements
  David Hernando and Miguel A. del Val
  Pages: 737-744  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4258

  An Algorithm to Estimate Rational Values of Phase Angles and Moduli of Asphalt Mixtures
  Abubeker W. Ahmed, Krishna Prapoorna Biligiri, and Hassan Hakim
  Pages: 745-754  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4242

  Evaluation of Pavement Layer Moduli using Instrumentation Measurements
  Xiaochao Tang, Shelley M. Stoffels, and Angelica M. Palomino
  Pages: 755-764  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4248

  Micro Fiber Reinforced Cement Paste and Mortar Overlays - A Review
  Shashi Kant Sharma, Aditya Anupam Kumar, G.D. Ransinchung R.N., and Praveen Kumar
  Pages: 765-772  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4243

  Technical Note
  Fracture Behavior of Asphalt Pavement with Cracked Base Course under Low Temperature
  Yu Chen and Chuanchao Zheng
  Pages: 773-777  Open Abstract    PDF Downloaded:4241

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